1. What is Wasteroots.com?

WASTEROOTS is a social enterprise which offers Gardening services for potted plants at best of its quality and at reasonable rates. It is a online /On call Garden care & maintenance service.

2. What do you offer in Gardening Service?

Examining, loosening of soil, adding quality organic manure on timely basis, controlling pests, deadheading, pruning of plants for its healthy growth, re-potting/re-plantation of plants, cleaning of specific type corridor/ indoor plants leaves.

3. What is the Service model of Wasteroots.com?

a) Garden service Call or book online for potted plants maintenance.
b) On Exchange of newspaper of 11kg for equivalent amount of balcony plants.

4. How does it work?

Call us or book online for gardening service. Choose your package which suits you at per your convenience day and time.

For newspaper exchange - if you are sure about the quantity, then let us. Otherwise we will come and weigh the newspaper and suggest you the exchange amount with plants or pot being offered. We have fixed set of plants for exchange.

5. What is the minimum quantity of old newspaper required for exchange? Is that any other paper can be exchanged?

Min. 11kg of newspaper & notebook also. Guaranteed Accurate weigh. Condition apply.

6. What are the product and services included in exchange?

As a product , we are only offering plants right now. Services range is related to garden care of potted plants.

7. How can I calculate the approximate quantity of newspaper lying at my house?

Approx weight of Times of India for 1month is 6kg and ET is 2.45 kg. These are the basic guidelines to calculate your old newspaper weight.

8. Do I need to redeem the exchange amount immediately?

Not necessarily, we will give you receipt and record will be maintained so you can redeem whenever you need it.

9. What is the payment mode for gardening services?

Cash payment

10. Why should I use Wasteroots.com?